Why Most Of The Bloggers Fail?

In this post, I have listed five important factors why most of the bloggers fail. After going through these five important factors, you will be aware of Blog Failure.

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How to Speed up the Content on Web Pages 

The content ought to frame the bulk of your pages. however, because the majority of your pages, it's what you must concentrate on optimizing initial. Content includes each text and pictures. Here square measure some tips for optimizing non-image content

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Drop Down Navigation Menu for Blogger

Now I am about to share the easy sink navigation menu for blogger. this can be vital for each blogger to form the navigation easier of their blogs owing to many reasons and sink navigation  menu is a perfect issue for it. In these quite menus, once somebody hovers the mouse pointer on any specific class then it drops some sub classes

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Facebook Like Box Popup Widget for Blog or Website

Facebook Like box pop-up is very easy to install on your site or blog. I will let you know how to add this simple widget to your website or blog in this topic. Everyone would like to increase Facebook likes for their websites or blogs. Get this exciting Facebook Like Box Poop-up Widget showing up on your website

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Simple Horizontal Navigation Menu

In this topic, I will discuss on how to add a simple Navigation Menu to your Blog or Website with simple steps. Let's allow visitors to navigate to all the pages in your Blog or Website through a simple and stylish Navigation Menu bar. This allows your visitors to crawl up on all your web

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Facebook Fan or Like Box Widget to blogger's Blog or Website

Facebook like box conjointly referred to as Facebook fan box has become a requirement part for several web site. It permits web site house owners to supply their users with a straightforward thanks to be a part of their Facebook community and obtain updates right in their Facebook news feed. In this topic, I will discuss on how to add Facebook Fan page
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Prevent Your Blogger's Blog Re-directing from Country Specific Domain or URL's

In this post, I will discuss on the topic how to prevent Blogger from Redirecting to Country-Specific Domains or URL's. This country primarily based URL redirection will mean some negative consequences to your Blogger Blog. For

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How to Add Custom CSS Styles to Blogger's Blog

In this post, I will discuss on the ways to add CSS design's to your blogger's blog template.CSS design's square measure necessary for your diary,journal or blog to show contents superbly, you can redesigning any a part of your blog parts with CSS, however wherever to

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Learn How To Add floating social media sharing buttons to your Blog

Here is a Post on a way to add a floating social media bar to a blog. I created it into a device, thus you do not need to go in your template HTML to put in (or remove) them. simply drop the total code into a HTML/JavaScript gadget. I even have enclosed Facebook Like, Re Tweet, StumbleUpon, Digg This and Google+ buttons within the bar and every of them comes

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Disable users from choosing and copying text,pictures on Blog or Website

In this section, I will discuss on topic how to disable users from selecting and copying text, images on our Blog or Website. This would definitely help us to get rid from the user's to copy our content. We can disable the choice of text or pictures on any web site or blog to

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Create Expandable Sections in your Blog Posts on Blogger

Did you ever needed to own sections within your post body that is facilitative for the browser to read or see ?

In some cases you would possibly feel want for a district of your article to be hidden and solely visible once the readers desires it to be. however in basic choice

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